Crossfit revolutionized the fitness space. Other group fitness programs that have emerged post Crossfit realized that people will work hard when challenged in a group of like minded people. As a result, most new fitness programs and gyms have leveled up what they previously thought motivated people and can get people to work harder. That’s a good thing! But CrossFit is still the ONLY overall fitness program that offers a measurable and repeatable form of group fitness. It is the only group fitness program that allows for systematic training instead of working out for a feeling. There is an emphasis on the numbers because the numbers reflect accountability. We show improvement through the numbers. When the numbers move, the body changes physically. Crossfit is a game, a challenge, and sport of workouts that are put together, not in a random, but in a purposeful manner. Like pickleball, people love it because of the challenge of mastery. You don’t have to be a tennis pro to enjoy the game and the process of getting better.   If you like challenging yourself, if you like mastering new things like it’s a game or sport, then Crossfit is for you! The bonus is your body will change like no other game around!