An Intro Program That Works


Getting started can be intimidating for many and that's why we have a guided intro experience for you.

Get started with us!


$124 and up

New Members Only!

First Month Includes 3 Personal Training Sessions plus 1 month of unlimited classes.

You can choose a different package after that depending on how many times you plan to workout.




Month to Month

Power and endurance class.

Exclusive Impact Wrap heavy bag technology lets you see how hard and fast you are hitting!

The harder you hit, the more points you get!

*session packages also available




Experienced and Visiting CrossFitters

Drop-In Today!

CrossFit Teens


Unlimited CrossFit

Total Strength and Fitness.

Become the fittest at your school!




  • Bootcamp drop in
  • Drop In Today!


Class Packages


You can use your class session whenever you like

1 year expiration

Contact us on program and number of classes.



  • Limit to 1 class for new members