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10th Year at CFA

I was born and raised in East Point, a city south of Atlanta. As a kid & throughout my early 20’s, I had absolutely NO interest in sports or sweating. I was a great cheerleader for my siblings who were all in the sports but I was happiest in the kitchen or with my violin in my hand. Little did I know I would be living in the gym part time later in life! It all started in my mid 20’s, I decided to support my girlfriends and get a little fit by joining a kickboxing gym. I was instantaneously “hooked” (see what I did there). Trained with some local fighters and they in turn taught me how to coach kickboxing to others. I have now been coaching kickboxing for over 5 years. Here at CrossFit Allatoona, we have a great coaching staff and they made me want to be better & stronger. With the support of Levi, I started CrossFit and became CrossFit certified. I love being a CrossFit athlete and in return it has made me a stronger kick boxer; I can kick & punch harder. My CrossFit has also benefited from kickboxing’s stamina & endurance. I LOVE COACHING! It is so rewarding to have people curse at you for an hour and hug & thank you before they leave. If you are weary of jumping into CrossFit, kickboxing is a great place to start. Build relationships, stamina & then jump into the CrossFit world full force! You are never too old or young to start, just start! You won’t regret it.

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