I’ve always been one who enjoys helping others, whether it’s their emotional, spiritual or physical needs. I’ve learned that all of those are tied into one. It’s hard to be physically healthy if you are mentally unhealthy. If your emotions are down then it’s harder to make it to the gym or any activity. If you are physically unable to make it to the gym due to an injury, that plays havoc on your emotional side. And if you are spiritually depleted then it’s hard to get physically or emotionally healthy. So you really need to work in all areas to feel complete. Everyone learns through failures so it’s never too late to start any healthy regiment. That’s where we have to get our egos out of the way and ask for help. More than likely others are in the same sport you are. Having that accountability and encouragement is huge. That is what keeps you going on the days you do not want to.

I started as a personal trainer at a young age in a Women’s only gym in Florida. Then went to school for an Associates Degree in Medical Assisting. I worked in multiple environments for 13 years before I went back and got my Bachelors of Nursing in 2002. I worked as a nurse in NICU in California and then in the emergency room at Kennestone Hospital. I have been very blessed to stay home with my children over the last several years and volunteer in their schools as well as Coach Kickboxing the last 4+ years at CFA.

My motto is be smart and give it all you got. Don’t compare yourself to others; compete against yourself. You have to live with you… not the others. So shrug off the bad days and do better next time. Like Dory says “just keep trying / moving / improving”. Never give up o yourself. You ARE your best cheerleader. Don’t let negative self talk detour you from your BEST you.

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