• LVL 2 Crossfit


  • Bachelors in Health and Physical Education
  • Doctor of Chiropractic 16 years
  • Former Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach C.S.C.S by the NSCA for 8 years
  • Numerous seminars on human performance, movement, and nutrition.


I came to Atlanta from Thomasville, Ga to pursue my education and training as a chiropractor. After coming to Atlanta, I was fortunate enough to be invited to join a group of world class powerlifters and train at Coffee’s gym in Marietta. While there, I was able to have decades of training wisdom passed down to me from 5 world champions, including 3 legends of the sport, and numerous national level competitors. I was ranked by Powerlifting USA as a top 5 165lb lifter with a 688lb squat, 490 bench press, 628lb deadlift. I started crossfit in 2009 because I wanted to do strength training, knew I needed to do cardio, and liked training with other people. I loathed the treadmill, even though I discliplined myself to do it in the past. Crossfit is a much more fun way to get in cardio. The measurements and standards, the ability to count and be accountable to the numbers seperates crossfit from other aerobics based fitness classes.   Crossfit is for everyone because fitness and a healthy lifestyle is for everyone. I’ve seen people with prosthetics, people with missing limbs, 70 year olds, children, and elite athletes do it and love it. It literally is the best way to fitness that exists.   Top 5 ranking in the 165lb class by Powerlifting USA WPO World record bench press 2x Arnold Classic Invitee GNC Show Of Strength Athlete Retired with the top 25 highest total of all time in 165lb class

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